051. Vibin Joseph: Open Source Vaccines
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051. Vibin Joseph: Open Source Vaccines



Vibin Joseph is the Co-founder, Executive Director, and Chief Executive Officer at BiOZEEN, a company that's revolutionizing vaccine production and reducing the cost of vaccine manufacturing around the world. He's a technopreneur, business model enthusiast, and talent facilitator with a passion to make a better world through unleashing the potential of our times. He's an Engineer with degrees from Imperial College London, and a doctorate from Warwick University, United Kingdom.


His research interest lies in the cross-functional domains of systems design, productivity, design psychology, and moderating influencers in the pharmaceutical industry.




In this conversation we talk about:

  • Reducing vaccine manufacturing costs, and how he went about breaking the monopoly on vaccine production, training people to produce locally using these open source methods.
  • His motivation — how he was inspired by Ayurveda and holistic principles and holistic approaches to medicine, and how he was taught these basic principles of service from his grandparents.
  • The history of vaccine production and its inefficiency.
  • Why vaccines aren't a very appealing business.
  • Bioreactors and how a more modular and adaptable approach, including self cleaning modules, could really help make the process cheaper and more efficient.
  • How to break into a tough industry and how experience can sometimes be a baggage and prevent you from seeing the obvious.
  • How he said no to being acquired by venture capital firms and stayed true to his purpose, which was lowering the cost of vaccines.
  • And his spiritual perspective on leading a team, managing people, and creating value in the world.


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And now, let's jump right in with Dr. Vibin Joseph.




[5:24] Life in the Present

[9:04] Early Childhood Happiness

[11:32] A Journey to Biology

[14:55] The Scale of the Problem

[19:01] The Three Major Players

[23:04] Targeting the Manufacturers

[25:43] An Open Source Approach

[32:30] Universal Bioreactors

[36:55] Overcoming Skepticism

[45:43] Finding a Purpose

[52:27] A Short Sermon