032. Eric Lombardi: A World Without Waste
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032. Eric Lombardi: A World Without Waste

TODAY'S GUEST Eric Lombardi has been working at the cutting-edge of the Zero Waste and Social Enterprise Movements across the world since the mid-90's. His working mission has been to transform the waste management industry into a “resource management” industry.


Eric was a national spokesperson for the first Zero Waste organization in the U.S.A. (1997), and was a co-founder of the Zero Waste International Alliance (2002). Eric was invited to the Clinton White House in 1998 as one of the Top 100 USA Recyclers and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Colorado Association For Recycling.


From 1989-2014, he grew Eco-Cycle, a small nonprofit, into the largest zero waste social enterprise in the U.S.A. Eric is now the President of Buy Social USA and an Associate of the Social Enterprise World Forum.


After 24 years of building the largest Zero Waste Social Enterprise in the U.S.A., Eric has recently re-focused his efforts to helping to grow the global Social Enterprise Movement.




In this conversation we talk about:

  • His journey into the Zero Waste Movement
  • Hope vs. Despair in promoting for the environment
  • Individual behaviors vs. Systemic change
  • Why he calls Capitalism “a beautiful beast”, and how can we point it in safe directions?
  • New and exciting environmentally responsible innovations in government, business, and NGOs,
  • And his involvement with the Buy Social Movement


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And now, let’s jump right in with Eric Lombardi.




[3:07] Life During Covid

[4:37] Early Driving Forces

[6:23] A Spiritual Psychedelic Journey

[10:18] Europe Travels and an Awakening

[14:12] The Oil Embargoes

[16:15] Technology and Human Affairs

[18:26] A Career Trajectory

[25:35] Scaling the Vision

[33:05] The Three Z's to Z Squared

[35:30] A Beautiful Beast

[38:06] A True Social Enterprise

[46:06] Impact Investing

[53:39] The Water Bucket

[54:40] Fair Profit vs Maximum Profit Industry

[59:25] A Business Strategy

[1:02:54] A Sermon for Changemakers