024. When Change Outpaces Learning
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024. When Change Outpaces Learning


Prof. Eddie Obeng is a British organizational theorist, educator, and author, who serves as a professor at Henley Business School and Hult International Business School's Ashridge Executive Education. He is the founder of Pentacle, The Virtual Business School, and serves as its executive director.

Professor Obeng has been described as "a leading revolutionary" and "an agent provocateur" by the Financial Times.


In this conversation we talk about:

  • How studying material science and observing the changes in modern business led him to the crucial insight that the world is now changing faster than we can catch up with our projections
  • How his insight unravels common wisdom in industry after industry leading him to explore new ways of doing things
  • Why traditional hierarchies no longer make sense in a volatile, complex, and ambiguous world
  • How his insights inspired later development in design thinking, and how his thinking led him to create QUBE, an interactive, virtual, super-real world, which allows organizations to shed their old world culture and thinking and experiment with collaborative, creative problem solving

We also discuss:

  • Why has thought leadership stalled?
  • How do we enact change to happen in a more human way to allow people to lead balanced lives?
  • How do we become effective leaders?
  • What can individuals do differently to change their lives for the better?



[2:58] Life in the UK during Covid

[8:32] Early childhood driving forces

[11:05] The World After Midnight and the Rapidly Accelerating Pace of Change

[20:13] The New World Management concept

[34:55] Leadership in the New World and the death of the hierarchy

[43:59] The difference between leadership and management

[55:45] A super reality

[1:00:15] A sermon on enriching and controlling your life in the New World