015. Can Online Meetings Be More Human?
January 21, 2021
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015. Can Online Meetings Be More Human?


Christopher Holm-Hansen's is a Copenhagen-based product designer and the co-founder of MeetButter, a promising new which aims to makes online workshops and meetings more human and delightful.

We talk about his journey from training as a civil engineer, through the first product he ever built - a spoon that helps you properly season your food - to his journey through founding 2 previous startups, and a bank’s internal venture group.

We explore how seeking a new direction and remaining engaged at the moment that Covid hit gave him and his team a clue that led to MeetButter’s current product, and what he sees as the future of online meetings and work beyond the Covid-19 crisis.



In this conversation we discuss:

[3:11] Covid situation in Denmark & Israel.

[8:08] Early life, and a love for making and creating things.

[13:51] Design Engineering Degree.

[15:20] Discovering Human-Centered Design.

[18:28] A Spoon That Helps Cook.

[23:22] Service Design Explained.

[27:41] First Startup Launched

[31:51] Working as a UX Designer at an Agency

[36:38] Joining a Venture arm at a Large Bank

[39:48] 2nd Startup Launched, New Partner

[46:10] Denmark's Gaming Ecosystem

[51:24] Retrospective: What Christopher Would Do Differently

[52:56] The Origin Story of MeetButter

[1:02:33] How MeetButter is Different

[1:08:39] Can Online Meetings Be Delightful?

[1:12:56] The Costs of Bad Remote Practices

[1:21:48] The Future of Remote Work