014. Design Your Way to a Joyous Life
December 17, 2020
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014. Design Your Way to a Joyous Life


Dave Evans worked on the first computer mouse at Apple, founded the Life Design Lab at Stanford alongside Bill Burnett, and is a bestselling author of two books — Design Your Life, and Design Your Work Life.

Informed by early tragedy, by his own missteps along the way, and by his contemplative spirituality, he created a transformative Design Thinking process that has helped many thousands of students and adults, at Stanford and around the world, to figure out what they want to do with their "one wild and precious life".

In this conversation, in the shadow of the epidemic and his wife’s final battle with cancer — we talk about what it means to lead a joyful, vital, and meaningful life.



In this conversation we discuss:

[2:59] Living in paradox, how Dave and his wife are dealing with her terminal cancer, focusing on the present.

[10:24] Dave's early life, and how an early life tragedy set in motion a search for a worthy and meaningful life.

[13:47] Walking into the Stanford Career Center at 19, looking for answers on what to do in life.

[17:08] Consulting successful grownups, and finding no answers.

[19:12] A period of "clumsily iterating".

[20:28] An unexpected call from Apple.

[27:04] A chance to teach at UC Berkley.

[29:49] Starting Life Design at Stanford over a 5-minute lunch.

[33:28] Expanding Design Thinking in interesting ways.

[40:29] The idea of Coherence.

[45:40] Dave's short sermon for young people.