030. Jessica Gallagher: Entrepreneurship for Everyone
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030. Jessica Gallagher: Entrepreneurship for Everyone

TODAY'S GUEST Dr. Jessica Gallagher is in charge of External Engagement at The University of Adelaide, and was formerly the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Global Engagement and Entrepreneurship at The University of Queensland (UQ). At UQ, she has transformed the student experience, by embedding entrepreneurial thinking into the educational curriculum for every discipline. She oversaw the creation of UQ Ventures, and led their LeadHers program in helping 1,214 female participants to build confidence and grow leadership capabilities.


Jessica is also director on the board of the Kokoda Track Foundation, where she provides expertise and support in improving the lives and futures of Papua New Guineans.



In this conversation we talk about:

  • Learning the power of education from her father, who was a teacher.
  • Studying abroad in Germany, and how it opened her mind to different cultures, languages, and ways of thinking.
  • The importance of entrepreneurship studies for all disciplines and specialties.
  • Her work to increase rates of female student enrollment in UQ's Accelerator program, and to provide them with the tools and confidence to succeed.
  • The importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone and continually challenging yourself to keep growing.


This conversation with Jessica is one of a dozen or more upcoming conversations with designers, authors, scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs who are changing our world for the better. If you don't want to miss them, please follow our show on your favorite podcast player.


And now, let's jump right in with Dr. Jessica Gallagher.




[03:01] Life During Covid

[08:03] A Virus in an Underdeveloped World

[10:40] The Value of Education

[12:52] Language, Literature, and Vergangenheitsbewältigung

[16:26] From Humanities to Entrepreneurship

[21:28] Embedding Entrepreneurship

[24:10] Job-Creating Graduates

[28:05] Women in Entrepreneurship

[32:30] A Gender Imbalance

[35:17] The Importance of Diversity and Perspectives

[36:43] A New Job

[38:19] A Sermon on Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone