029. Ana Ferreira and Alex Muench: Redesigning Team Communication
RemakeDecember 09, 2021x
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029. Ana Ferreira and Alex Muench: Redesigning Team Communication


In this episode of Remake, I sit down with Ana Ferreira and Alex Muench. Ana is Head of Design and Product Design, and Alex is a senior digital product designer at Doist, a completely remote team of over 100 people, and the maker of popular productivity apps, Todoist and Twist. Ana and Alex are the creators of Twist, a remarkable and opinionated communication tool aimed at replacing Slack with a less distracting, more focused supporting, less real-time alternative.

We've been using Twist for a few months at Remake, and it has done wonders for our ability to communicate remotely across time zones, to stay up-to-date, and catch up when our work allows rather than disrupting work to be always connected. I really can't overstate how much more harmonious and effective work has become since we moved out of real-time chat tools. And a lot of this goes back to Ana and Alex's ideas and the company's opinionated take on work, communication and design.


In this conversation we talk about:

  • What it means to be a designer.
  • What makes Doist special as a company.
  • What's wrong with "always on" team chat tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google's team chat, and the culture of availability and distraction they promote.
  • What it takes to be an effective distributed team.

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And now let's jump right in with Ana Ferreira and Alex Muench from Doist.



[3:11] Life During Covid

[5:53] Helping the Community

[7:40] Early Driving Forces

[10:05] The Definition of a Designer

[12:21] The Birth of a Designer

[13:53] The Road to Doist

[19:12] Supporting a Well-Lived Life

[22:39] Synchronous vs Asynchronous Challenges

[27:15] The Derivation of Twist From Slack

[31:34] Redesigning Communication

[36:19] Early Versions of Twist

[37:53] Market Reactions and the Value of Async Communication

[41:59] A Sermon for Designers