Pia Mancini is a co-founder and CEO at Open Collective, a chair of the Democracy Earth Foundation, and a democracy activist who helped create the DemocracyOS platform and launched a Net Party in Argentina.


Her TED Talk, about upgrading democracy for the internet era, has exceeded a million views and helped reshape the conversation around the meeting place of democracy and the internet. She is a Y Combinator alum, a young global leader at the World Economic Forum, and she's also Roma's mum.



In this conversation we talk about:

  • Her journey from empowering citizens in the political process to empowering collectives to self-fund and self-govern
  • Her vision for a more inclusive and expansive digital democracy
  • The tension between idealism and the realities of life, politics, and system


We also discuss:

  • How do we, as individuals, create a system and an environment that affects change?
  • How can we use technology to upgrade democracy?
  • How do we trust ourselves and each other?


There is no more important discussion, I believe, than how our new technologies should be used and woven into the fabric of our public life. And how to move from chaotic, even destructive populism, to a constructive model of participation and empowerment. My conversation with Pia is one of the most fascinating conversations, in an ongoing series of design conversations we've lined up for you on design for democracy, social change, and positive impact.




[2:48] Life During Covid

[10:26] Early Influences

[20:54] Upgrading Democracy

[30:23] DemocracyOS and Liquid Democracy

[38:07] The Dream of a Borderless and Equal World

[46:24] Net Party and the Clash with Reality

[53:33] Maintaining Hope and Motivation

[58:40] Building a New Narrative

[1:03:55] A Transition to an Open Collective

[1:21:14] A Sermon of Inspiration