Donatella Caggiano is a Global Creativity Hacker. With her methodology crossing design, storytelling, and strategy, she works at applying creativity to processes of change and transformation for brands, communities and people.


She made a crucial decision to leave the high powered Business World of Corporate America in mid-life, return to her home country of Italy, and to do so intentionally, and mindfully.


Her new podcast in the making, “The Design of Return”, will deal with personal stories of transit as told by the “in-betweeners”.




In this conversation we discuss:

[2:59] Donatella's childhood, leaving her home town. Home is where you are.

[8:48] What it means to be a Creativity Hacker, and what Donatella does professionally these days.

[16:30] Making a home by separation.

[20:55] Leaving Milan to the US, her time in NY.

[26:45] The loneliness of living in a new country.

[30:05] The differences between US culture and Italian and Israeli culture.

[34:32] The weirdness of Orange County, California.

[45:00] Leaving the US, heading back to Italy.

[56:53] The challenges of returning.

[1:03:09] A culture-shock with one's own culture.

[1:15:25] Returning skillfully.

[1:29:40] 500 Days without Social Media.

[1:32:43] The Juliet Club.

[1:38:00] Finding a community of fellow returners.

[1:44:40] The Design of Return podcast-in-the-making.

[1:49:05] Becoming Home vs. Finding Home.