008. Could AI Help Us Reclaim Time?
November 05, 2020
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008. Could AI Help Us Reclaim Time?


Patrick Lightbody is a 3rd time entrepreneur, and currently a Co-Founder of Reclaim.ai, a fascinating artificial intelligence startup promising to help optimize, time-box, and defend your schedule from distraction and meeting-creep.

Patrick is a self-professed Data Nerd, and has long roots in automation and big data. Being involved early with projects and companies like Selenium, OpenSymphony, and New Relic.



In this conversation we discuss:

[3:18] Patrick’s journey into making things

[8:38] Why Patrick misses the days of readable code and accessible web tinkering

[11:00] Patrick's early involvement with important open-source projects

[15:38] The influence of Patrick's first real professional mentor, and his methodical management philosophy.

[19:19] Patrick's early and crucial involvement with Selenium, the world's most popular automated testing platform.

[22:34] The social impact of automation.

[27:30] Patrick's relationship with data.The importance of uncovering the stories behind the data.

[34:35] The Social Dilemma -- Everyone is getting data from people and trying to create a model of what these people are going to be interested in, what is going to get their attention, etc.

[41:41] How Reclaim came to be.

[54:05] What's so special about Reclaim?

[59:10] Various productivity and time management methodologies.

[1:04:33] Reclaim as a GPS for Daily Life.

[1:08:57] Patrick's vision for Reclaim's future.