Kathy Davies wears many hats - she’s a Design Lecturer at Stanford University. She's the Managing Director of the Stanford Life Design lab, where she and her team have trained 150 universities globally to use the life design processes on their campuses to help students design, prototype, and test the right career paths for them.


She is also a Cofounder and CEO at DYL Consulting where she uses design thinking and life design principles to build a better world. 




In this episode we discuss:

  • [02:56] Challenges during the pandemic, transitioning into virtual classes and workshops.

  • [18:34] Kathy's early desires to connect, and to combine science with art in her work.

  • [29:23] Kathy's engineering experience.

  • [33:14] Getting into Design Thinking at Stanford.

  • [48:59] The journey into Life Design.

  • [1:02:22] Why is it so hard for us to figure out what we want to do in life?

  • [1:07:31] The Life Design process.

  • [1:19:39] Life Design for women.

  • [1:30:02] The future of Life Design, and its impact.